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Jumpstart your healthy habits today with an experienced and caring Dietitian-Nutritionist.  Eating well can help you feel better overall!  Patty offers strategic tools and techniques to help clients achieve a more balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. 

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My motto is “Listen to Patty.”  Here is why:  


Ten years ago, I had a severe case of Lyme disease that had me hospitalized for nearly a week with fever, swelling, joint pain, and an irregular heartbeat.  Managed symptoms relatively well for years and was an active 59-year-old who enjoyed distance cycling, running, core workouts and weekly yoga with various friends.  In 2021 I began to experience issues - crushing chronic fatigue with some shaking and weakness with exertion that brought those activities to a screeching halt. No sign of reinfection and comprehensive health workup between Univ. MD, NIH and Hopkins failed to find any significant co-morbidities.


Patty was the first to suggest that my bread and pasta carbo rich “runners” diet likely had nutritional holes as well as an inflammatory effect.  I promptly ignored her sound advice and continued to suffer looking for some more conventional explanation for my condition.  Finally, out of desperation I did the testing and followed the nutritional plan she recommended in conjunction with seeing an herbalist that specialized in Lyme.  I now have my life back, thanks to Patty.  Now when my diet needs a tweak – I just follow the motto – Listen to Patty!

Rob McG., (Maryland)


What is a dietitian?

A dietitian is someone who has gone to college studying Dietetics.  It is a very science-based curriculum (biology, chemistry, microbiology, biochemistry...).  After receiving a degree in Dietetics, one must complete an internship in order to sit for the Registration exam.  You may see some dietitians with RD after their name, meaning registered dietitian.  In the state of Maryland, we are also licensed, so you may see LDN which indicates Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist.  Dietitians must complete 75 hours of continuing education every 5 years in order to keep their registration status.

What is CSO?

CSO is a Certified Specialist in Oncology.  There are many specialties dietitians can work towards.  A CSO dietitian works with the oncology population and sits for a certification exam every 5 years.  If you have been diagnosed with cancer, working with a dietitian with the CSO certification indicates he/she is trained and understands your particular health concern.

What is Integrative Nutrition and IFNCP?

Integrative nutrition is a more personalized & preventative approach to health.  People are different so we listen to your story, assess conventional labs and may consider functional labs.  Look at genetics and more.  IFNCP is an Integrative and Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner.  Patty received her integrative & functional nutrition training through the Integrative & Functional Nutrition Academy:

What is CLT

Many people can have food sensitivities that can be the root cause of their health issues.  CLT is a Certified LEAP Therapist.  Through the mediated response test (MRT), clients will receive their safe foods and inflammatory foods.  A CLT can help guide you through eating safe foods and eventually working all foods back in safely without any reactions.  You can read more about LEAP here:

Do you take insurance?

I do not take insurance at this time.  I can provide you with a "superbill" that you can submit to your insurance provider.

Do you see people in person or virtually?

At this time, I am seeing people virtually.

"The first wealth is health"

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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